Who is Karla Maria?

Karla Maria was born in Oaxaca and when she was a very young girl she discovered her love for the kitchen, At an early age she started learning the cooking secrets from her grandmother and the women of the family. Every day she was developing her skills and discovering the pleasure of creating new and different flavors with the cornucopia of traditional products from the hearth that we have in Oaxaca: Chocolate, corn, squash, tomato, tomatillo and riot of chiles. Just some years ago, she decided to open her beautiful kitchen to everybody calling her place "The Taste of Oaxaca".

The menus she offers depend on the season, in the Summer, when there is rain, nature gives tender corn and wild squash flowers, this is the time for the best corn dishes like tamales de elote, chileatole, huitlacoche, etc. Any time is good to cook tamales de mole or any kind of moles like Estofado, Coloradito, amarillo o Manchamantel.